Nail repair

IBX nail repair bottle and nail strengthening bottle with a nail polish brush to their side, in front of a beige background
Nail repair
$125 Excl. Tax
The IBX nail strengthening and repair treatment is the first natural solution of it’s kind. The system has a 2-layer process applied to the top of the nail that gets absorbed and creates a interpenetrating polymer network. The IBX treatment is made to sit underneath gel nail polish and will continue to protect, repair and toughen weakened nails. The treatment includes and requires a mandatory 6 session process. See treatment session below for details.
  • 6 sessions of IBX Nail Repair Treatment

  • Light nail preparation (filing and shaping) every session

  • Nail plate cleansing, ensuring product penetration

  • Heating process to infuse IBX repair formula into your natural nail plate

  • UV/LED curing to lock in IBX and create stronger/healthier nails

*Manicure/pedicure can be performed after treatment

Treatment sessions:
  • 4 sessions for first month (1 session per week)

  • 2 session for second month (1 session biweekly)

  • Optional: 1 session for third and fourth month (reduced rate)

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